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In the animated feature Rise of the Guardians, the voice of British actor Jude Law terrorises children with his portrayal of the bogeyman, an evil spirit known as Pitch Black. But the 39-year-old actor says he has a strangely sympathetic take on the universal villain.

I think most people can relate to the feeling of being misunderstood, and Pitch Black has a huge resentment for being shoved under children’s beds for thousands of years,” Law says with a grin.
I remember as a teenager feeling one thing and realising the world is reacting in a different way, so you always feel misunderstood at various stages in your life – especially if you’re an actor and you get endless stories written about you.

The film, based on the new Guardians of Childhood book series by children’s author William Joyce, imagines a secret history and mythology that binds Santa Claus (Alec Baldwin), the Easter Bunny (Hugh Jackman), the Tooth Fairy (Isla Fisher), the Sandman and the Man in the Moon as members of a group ordered to protect the innocence and imagination of all children.

When Pitch Black arrives with a plan to rob children of their hopes and dreams, the Guardians need the help of a reluctant new recruit, Jack Frost (Chris Pine), to save the world.

“If any character’s well written there’s a dark side and a light side, and the joy is trying to balance that out,” Law says. “I always used to say that if you play a good guy, you try to find the dark side of him. So if you play a bad guy, like I did in this film, you’ve got to find the good side of him.”