Famous Family Lawyers in Sydney

Prime lawyers

The team have their branches at Sydney and NSW which is very experienced in appearing in the family courts for numerous cases and clients. They have argued and defended many mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, married couples, homo sex couples and many more. Unlike the other Sydney family lawyers the team has expertise particularly in divorce, separation, custody of child and division of property. The main attraction of the team which makes them the most asked for team of Sydney family lawyers is that they are conveniently located in the heart of the city. The three offices of the teams are very adjacent to the family courts so that the clients can even walk to there. The three offices are in Sydney CBD, Parramatta and Wollongong. All these branches are very near to the courts like Sydney family court, Parramatta family court and Wollongong family court in just walking distance respectively.


There is a branch of the team in the Sutherland Shire which makes it easier for the clients from that area. It is also important to be noted that the team has become one among the top listed Sydney home affairs solicitors because of their faster settlement and disposal. They are eager to appear for the clients with all their efforts and expertise so that the client is rewarded with the best possible outcome. In case of delay in the court procedure or it seems difficult for a faster disposal; the experienced lawyers in the team must get an interim solution for the clients.

What makes the team very different from the other Sydney kinship barristers is that all the burden and hassle of running the case is handled by the lawyers. This will let the clients to sit and relax. One of the main advantages of this feature of the team is that the clients have not to take extra stress other than the problems in the family. It is a common fact that a fight between family members, especially when it is about to divorce there might be lot of stress in the family and for the clients.

So it is important for the Sydney ménage counsels to handle the cases with most cooperative attitude so that the problem is not again perplexed. This is a very soothing experience for the client which is got from the friendly law professionals of the team. The different areas which the team handle are custody of child, divorce, settlements of property, relationships which have a de facto nature, violence in the family, AVOs, payment option- blue ribbon etc.. One of the main highlighted features of the team is the possession of fifty one law documents with them.

The major attractions of the team Prime lawyers which make them very different from the other Sydney family lawyers is that they expertise and experience in handling the special areas of the family law like child custody, divorce, settlements of property and many more. The team also have a compassionate approach to the clients.

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